Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nana WHO?


Mia Culpa...Mia Culpa...Mia Culpa!  Or as my granddaughter would say "my bad...". I apologize for the long span between posts.  But here I am... It's me...Nana Jean...trying to survive the Summer of 2012. .  Read on if you dare...Seriously...

 Most of you know that I have had 7 surgeries on my back before this Summer.  Well now I can add one neck surgery and another back surgery.  I am recovering but at a much slower pace than I would like. My  Dr says "Patience Jean...oh, wait.  Look who I'm talking to...but give it a try will you please?"  Such a card, that man! 

I am trying to make the most of the down time.  Learning things about myself...mostly about my WW journey.  After doing this for 10 years you would think I'd have it down pat...NOPE! As I am always telling you it is a constantly changing path.  What worked for me 10 years ago no longer works, so I have to change it up to keep the weight OFF and keep it interesting so I hang in there. Once we make the decision to lose the weight and more importantly KEEP it off we have given up the luxury of never having to think about what we eat again.  It's that simple.  So we have to keep it interesting with new recipes, new foods and dare I say gadgets???  So this summer I have made some really weird new recipes.  Some good and  some only I would eat...Jim does draw the line sometimes!  I will try to get them together and share them.  My biggest problem was the discovery of a clot in my leg after this last surgery.  I am on blood thinning therapy for the next 3-6 months and that means NO LEAFY GREENS!  HUH???  That's what I live on!  But the Vitamin K in Leafy greens negate the work of the meds.  So now I have to find other stuff.  Not a huge problem but I LOVE leafy greens.  See what I mean?  Ever changing path!  But sooooo worth it.

I think I have written enough.  I will try to get back to reasonable update schedule.  Thanks for your patience...uh, got any extra you can send my way?:-)  T*A*I*S!

INTERESTING STUFF   Have you gotten your ActiveLink yet? Click on the link or some FAQs.  I have mine! 

                         Kidz 3-D Football Game


Curried Fruit    This is good hot or cold depending on the menu...and awesome on low fat Ice Cream or yogurt!  Let your imagination run WILD!!!  My Mother always fixed it at the Holidays but Hey!  Life is a hoilday!  

BRAIN FOOD:    "Be smart enough to hold on, be brave enough to let go."  Author Unknown

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Have a wonderfully blessed and successful week!

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