Friday, February 15, 2013

Weigh/Measure It!


   Each food you eat has a serving size.  Each food you eat has weight.  When you track these  foods how accurate are you?  More importantly do you realize how critical that is?  We have so many tools to help and make or so easy so there is no reason not to be accurate!!!  How often should you measure?  EVERY TIME YOU CAN!  That's right... EVERY TIME YOU CAN!  There are plenty of times you won't be able too, but when you can DO!  You will be so surprised what a difference it makes.  The more you weigh the more trained your eye gets and when you can't measure you are more likely to estimate better.  The difference between guessing and estimating:  Estimating is using all the available information and making and informed decision when you track. Guessing is putting down what you wish it was...sound familiar?  I use the Weight Watchers Easy Measure Spoons And ladle. And the WW electronic scale.  Awesome!  I know exactly what I have and can track accurately. YEAH!!!  This week concentrate on weighing and measuring more accurately.  And its not how much you can load on the Easy Measure's LEVELED!!!  Over loading your measuring device can make as much as 2 PPVs difference! YIKES! 😱 Through the day that can make a big difference...and let's not even talk about the week...or should we???  You have your 
 assignment... T*A*I*S!  

INTERESTING STUFF:  On your tracker in eTools you will notice a little camera icon. This is to use on those occasions when you can't track at the time. Take a picture of the plate and it will save to your tracker.   Then later you can recall the picture thru your tracker and count up the PPVs and track the meal more accurately. How cool is that?  And so much more accurate than guessing in a hurry before you eat it. And if you try to remember it on your own I guarantee you will forget part of what was on the plate.  Not going to happen with the Snap and Track!!  Thank you Weight Watchers!!!


Chocolate Marshmallow Madness Cupcakes. Holy Moly!!!  Decadent delishiosness  for only 3PPVs!

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